Search Methodology

Search Methodology

As an executive search firm, The Overture Group implements a unique methodology in order to complete analysis and screening of candidates. 90% of our executive placements have remained in the same position for over 3 years because of our effective techniques.

We have a four-phase search methodology that includes:

1. Discovery- We value seeing our clients in person to really understand their needs and company goals. The first step is to set up a day and time to visit your facility on-site in order to conduct a face-to-face meeting with all involved in the hiring decisions. We establish a needs assessment based on all input gathered and the type of position discussed. Through these interactions, our team will gain a thorough understanding of the position’s specifications as well as your company’s unique organization culture, key business strategies and challenges. Our professionals will work with you to create an updated job description and success profile and salary benchmarking data.

2. Research and Development- The tables turn on to our professionals as we take the information gathered from our meeting with you and conduct direct research through our database. We then apply a coordinated marketing strategy directed toward a targeted list based on our enquiry. Once ideal candidates are found, we complete a thorough screening process to develop a finalized interview list.

3. Candidate Assessment- When our list of candidates is fulfilled, we conduct an initial general assessment to again assure that all qualifications are met. This assessment is then forwarded to your team for the client interview and recruitment process to begin.

4. Onboarding- Once an ideal match is made, we will perform a thorough background check on the chosen candidate. We will assist you with developing an offer strategy. Once the candidate is secured, the comprehensive onboarding process begins. The onboarding plan builds a foundation that helps accelerate the new hire’s contribution to the company. As a final step, our professionals implement client/candidate follow-ups so they can stay updated on keeping the search a sure success.

Using our four-phase approach as an outline, The Overture Group provides flexible and scalable solutions by customizing each step to find the ideal candidate for your operation.

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