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Finding The Perfect Candidate

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Candidate

Finding the perfect candidate for an open position is a challenge that often leaves HR managers frustrated and discouraged. How many times have you looked at a job description and said, “The person I hire must meet all of these requirements”— and then reality smacks you in the face and you get zero candidates that have all the requirements? Some candidates may meet 1⁄2 of the requirements, and you end up discouraged and you stubbornly dig your heels into the ground until the heavens deliver you a perfect resume.

Upon finally finding the perfect candidate, much of the time his or her salary requirements are outside your salary range. Again, there is more frustration often leading to both parties walking away.

If you are nodding to yourself or remembering a similar situation, you are not alone. This is an issue that faces companies in urban, suburban and rural areas alike. In an increasingly competitive economy, there’s a good chance that you are not the only company thinking you’ve found the “perfect candidate.” Here are some tips for finding the perfect candidate and avoiding exasperation:

  • Make a list of the skills the successful candidate must have and the skills that you would like him/her to have. This breaks down into “required” skills and “preferred” skills. You will find more candidates for the position, and you can help the future hire develop those preferred skills to take the position to the next level.
  • Be competitive. As mentioned previously, the economy is improving leading to more competition for the best talent. Know the value of your full compensation and benefits package as it compares to others on the market, and pay attention to the trends on compensation for your industry. More information on 2014 compensation trends here.
  • Provide assistance and opportunities for their spouse to find employment in your market. Many families rely on two incomes, so it is important to show candidates that the job market offers opportunities for both partners.
  • Be prepared to sell them why they should be working for you. The great candidates will vet you just as much as you are vetting them.

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