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Shirt Sleeve CFO

Controller, CFO, or ‘Shirt-Sleeve CFO’?

Do you need to recruit a Controller, CFO, or a Shirt-Sleeve CFOTM? There is no wrong answer, but knowing the answer is essential to your recruitment strategy. It is one of the most important decisions you will make as a company leader! So what is the difference? The difference lies in the focus and function [...] READ MORE

talent hiring scope survey

Announcing the 1st Annual Talent Scope C-Suite Survey

The Leadership Group is conducting a brief and anonymous survey sponsored by The Overture Group. The Leadership Group is a career development and networking group comprised of C-Suite executives. What the survey is seeking to discover: Top talent/workforce priorities Hiring trends Use of contingent/contract/temporary employees Departments that are challenging to attract/retain talent Competitiveness and effectiveness of [...] READ MORE

Why CFOs and Senior Finance Executives Should Adopt Analytics

As we enter into the New Year, new statistics and trends show the adoption of analytics will double for CFOs and Senior Finance Executives. According to IBM’s Center for Applied Insights (IBMCAI), 337 finance executives and CFOs were polled and it turns out, the vast majority of Finance Executives want to involve more analytics and [...] READ MORE

Looking to Recruit a Board Member for Your Firm’s Executive Position?

The cost of recruiting and hiring executive positions may be high, but making the right decision will be rewarding in the end. Some firms are turning to their board members to fill executive positions. However, recruiting from a board of directors may not be the best choice for your firm. Why Recruiting from the Board [...] READ MORE

The CFO Leadership Group Makes a Contribution to Make-A-Wish® Illinois

Every year, nearly 1,200 children in Illinois are newly diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. The Make-A-Wish® foundation believes that every child and family faced with life-threatening illnesses should be given a wish that offers life-changing experiences. READ MORE

The SEC’s Proposed Rules Puts Fault on All Executives for Bad Accounting

When a mistake is made in a company’s books, it is up to the board of directors to decipher whether the responsibility falls on the chief financial executive or the chief executive officer. Whoever it may be, the company’s boards of directors get to decide who will return the compensation. According to an article in [...] READ MORE

Improving Company Performance with a CFO and CSO Partnership

Improving a company’s performance and promising growth every year is a lot for any c-suite executive to take on. Making key decisions that will help your company face short-term and long-term obstacles will require much more than a chief strategy officer (CSO) alone. Understanding the various roles that CFOs take on frequently intertwines with the [...] READ MORE

The Career Paths for Chief Financial Officer

A chief financial officer plays many various roles that focus on analytics, people management, technology, crunching numbers, and even making hiring decisions. As the chart below demonstrates, the role of the CFO needs to be flexible and capable of handling different facets of an organization. In order to shift from the role of a CFO [...] READ MORE

The High Demand for a Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)

Let’s face it, the chief financial officer can’t possibly be responsible for all the numbers. CFO’s are looking for a chief accounting officer to be their right hand and take on the burden of producing accurate financial filings. Companies are hiring more CAO’s to free up the CFO’s time to do more strategic work externally. [...] READ MORE

Why C-Suite Positions Are Staying Open Longer

It’s no coincidence that the same CFO job position is still lingering on the same company job board. In a new WSJ report, recruiters explain why the hiring process has slowed down and why jobs are staying vacant longer in the U.S. Reasons for Prolonged Hiring Process The market demand for talent at all levels [...] READ MORE